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Day 22

I can’t believe it is the 22nd day of the challenge. April has flown by!! Things are going decent in the challenge department. I’m not sure if I have lost any inches, and I know I haven’t lost weight, but I do have lots of energy! And that is a great feeling 🙂

We had a big salad for lunch with a bunch of stuff from Urban Acres. It was pretty good, but I probably should of put a little more dressing on it. The flavor was lacking a bit. And had the standard egg whites for breakfast. I’m thinking I will jazz up tomorrow with a breakfast cookie. Yummyyyyy

Yes, I know it looks a little scary, but I promise it will make your morning sooooo good.

Lizzie and I woke up early today to go for a little jog. She tried to run away from me about 1.5 miles into it, but I made her keep going for a little over 3. She is such a little trooper!!! Tonight I plan on going to CG and doing Jillian’s Shred video. I am making Wes do it with me!! And then I will cook sloppy joes. Yes this sounds unhealthy, but here’s my plan:

1 lb super lean ground turkey
1/2 onion
1/2 bell pepper
A dash of worcestershire sauce
red pepper flakes
and a variety of other spice to make it yummy.

All of this will be piled on a whole wheat bun. It is going to be good. I know it.

My guest bedroom is all put together now! Wes surprised me with having the bed all set up yesterday. The room isn’t quite decorated yet, but I can at least have guests!! Very exciting 🙂

We have a birthday party at work tomorrow, which means Cretia’s birthday cake. Yum! I am in charge of picking it up, so hopefully I remember that in the morning. I should probably write myself a note.

And that is all for this Thursday. I sure wish it was sunny, but I’ll survive 😉

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