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It starts

Painting started this morning.  My painter told me he would have the whole house done in two days.  I will be completely shocked if this is true.  It would take me upwards of a month to paint my house. Granted I am lazy and can easily become un-motivated, and no one would be paying me, but still two days?  I think someone needs to have a talk with this guy about overstating estimated completion time to keep the customer happy. 

Anyway, final color winners are as follows (all by Martha Stewart)

All-over color: Driftwood grey
Guest bed: Rainwater
Guest bath: Spring Melt
Kitchen, Dining, and Living: Driftwood grey
Powder bath: Spring Melt
Fireplace accent: Schoolhouse slate
Master bed: Grey Squirrel
Master bath: Spring Melt
Office: Schoolhouse slate

I am really trying hard to stay away from my house until after work today.  The dogs are cooped up over at Wes’ apartment, so I will need to go check on them over there at lunch, but it will take everything in my power to not swing by my house as well.  But, I really want to be surprised by the finished product, and am scared seeing the halfway points might be a bit alarming, so it is probably best to avoid the house. 

I’m so excited!!!

And, on a random sidenote, please be careful my New York friends….  a crazy cobra snake is on the loose. Read this! That would be enough to make me stay indoors all week.

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