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Not included in the countdown…

Today has worn me out.

And all I did was cook.

There was no running. There was no 10 hour car ride. There was only one trip outside of the house.

However, there was an angel food cake, a crock pot chicken, mango avocado salsa, and an interesting garbanzo and butternut squash pilaf.

I was not so crazy about the pilaf. It looked pretty though.


Something about this dish wasn’t quite right. Maybe too much curry? I wouldn’t necessarily say it was bad, just interesting. I found it here, so you will have to let me know if you try it out. Or if you read through it and see something that blatantly stands out as an odd combination.  Maybe my taste buds were just acting up today.

It’s so funny to me when you read through recipes and think “oh, that sounds good.” And then you make it, and something is just a bit off.  Separately, I’m a fan of all the ingredients in this pilaf, but for whatever reason, when combined the way this recipe suggested, it just didn’t work.

I’m glad we tried out this recipe today instead of on Thanksgiving.  Originally, I had wanted to feature this as day four of the countdown to Thanksgiving. Like I mentioned, in my head the ingredients sounded all right together.  But after making it I realize I’m going to need a last minute substitute.  Thankfully I have a head full of recipe ideas and know just the right thing for tomorrow.

No need to worry. You can sleep soundly. I will have a recipe for you tomorrow.  One that you will want to share with others no less.

Lucky you!

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