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Well Hi

Really I don’t have an excuse.

I got married. We got pregnant. Baby arrived. I forgot about Pardon the Dog Hair (but not about the dogs!).

Thanks for hanging in there and stopping back every now and then to check out old recipes. Cooking has kind of gone to the way side in the last few months. We still have a home-cooked meal every night of the week, but it is definitely not worthy of recipe writing or photographing.

Instead all of my photographing is now directed at this little number:

Smash Cake Happy Chaney

That’s Chaney at her first birthday party. Isn’t she a doll? Gosh we sure think so.

Let’s see… what else has changed?

We moved to the ‘burbs as I like to call them. Technically we are still in “Dallas.” But everyone around here knows if you are north of 635, that isn’t “Dallas.” I sure do miss downtown living, but am grateful for the extra space, POOL, and yard. Chaney is an outside girl, so she is always delighted to spend her afternoons outside.

I’m still working my 9-5, the pie business and also am now a consultant with Rodan + Fields. I actually really like all three jobs, but things tend to get a little bit hectic!

Wes is fantastic, as usual. He definitely loves the new house and all the different projects a 1974 fixer-upper bring. He started a new job recently and couldn’t be more in his element. Chaney and I are both so proud of him.

Lizzie and Suzie are still kicking it with us, getting dog hair everywhere of course. Chaney thinks they are awesome family members and delights in seeing them jump and run around. It is really fun to watch her with them. They will have to do as her sisters for now. 🙂

And that really is about it! Hopefully I will be checking in a little more regularly now. Again, SO sorry to have forgotten about this little space. I sure love reading back through all of my old stories and seeing how different life used to be. Thanks again for hanging in there!


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