hello lover…

For Carrie Bradshaw, it was Manolo’s. For Holly Golightly, it was Tiffany’s. For me, it’s queso. And today, it is also some form of chocolate cheesecake/heaven delivered from the Cheesecake factory. (Note: please do not let my two choices diminish from the greatness that are Manolo Blahnik’s and Tiffany’s).

My love for queso borders a dependence problem. Eating it once a week is hardly enough. Luckily, I live in Texas, so not including queso on your appetizer menu is almost unheard of. Although I have sampled quite a few different types of queso, among my top five or so is still from Taco Cabana. I think part of its existence in my top five is due to the late night memories it brings back from college. But, when you mix it with the cutely packaged salsa that accompanies it, you have a tasty treat!

Today, said queso was my lunch, the six ounce, not the three. And what a delicious lunch it was. Initially, I felt a little guilty bringing a large bag filled to the brim with chips back to the office. In fact, hiding it even crossed my mind. However, that thought was only entertained for a mere second. It was clear to me that my queso was the envy of the entire office once I arrived. That was until I scored the one and only slice of “chocolate heaven” freshly delivered from the neighboring cheesecake factory. And it gets better! Since I wanted to have ample room for the cake, I was able to save a little over half of my queso, which means 3.5 ounces of queso for lunch tomorrow!

Merry Christmas to me.

And yes, that is a picture of me spooning queso into my mouth.

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