mean green cupcake making machine

One of my favorite holidays is finally here, St Patrick’s Day!! Which of course gave me an excuse to bake tons of cupcakes last night.

My friend Emily is having a St. Patty’s day pre-parade party at her house tomorrow morning. Everyone is in charge of bringing champagne (for mimosas) or other beverages of their choice. I also decided to make some breakfast cupcakes. The first batch I baked were banana cupcakes, and they were delicious! I decided not to ice them so people could have a slightly healthier option that morning.

However, because the whole day revolves around drinking green beer up and down the streets of Dallas, I assumed there would be several people at the party who would choose to forget calories for the day. For those individuals, I made a vanilla cupcake, with not so plain-jane icing, sprinkles included. Yum! I can hardly wait to eat one of these little green monsters tomorrow!

Now that the baking is out of the way, the next task at hand is deciding what the slogan should be for our St. Patty’s day t-shirts. The options are:

“Yes, my Shams do rock”
“Mean green drinking machine”
“Your mom is a leprechaun”
“I’ll be your pot of gold”

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