my fair lady

Hello world, meet Lizzie!

Full name, Eliza Doolittle.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have wanted a dog for the longest time. My roommate agreed to letting me get this little beauty two weeks ago.

She originated from a rescue Cavalier King Charles club in North Dallas and I lucked into getting her. Lizzie has been absolutely amazing the last few weeks and has taken to everyone she has met. It is a good thing I wasn’t looking for a “guard dog” because she would of failed miserably. Lizzie has had a busy couple weeks, learning the ups and downs of apartment living (i.e. no barking at night or early mornings, don’t go potty in the flower beds, etc). Despite all the newness and confusion she has had recently, she had done really well.

Here are a list of Lizzie’s current favorite things:

Toy: Pink ball
Movie: My Fair Lady and Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Treats: Peanut butter in the kong
Places to sit: my lap
Places to sleep: my lap
Color: Pink
Accessory: Diamond encrusted “L” on her collar
Friend: Bentley
Boyfriend: Duke or the 120 lb great dane from Katy Trail (she gets around)
Place to play/potty: Top of the parking garage (only when no cars are there… safety first)
Least favorite place to play/potty: Dog park or anywhere with too many distractions (I’m working on that one)
Store: Burberry
TV Show: Sex and the City (She dreams of meeting Elizabeth Taylor)

I’ll keep you posted on her favorites every couple of weeks!!

Bentley and Lizzie having girl time watching their favorite tv shows…

Trying to snuggle up into Duke’s manly shoulders…

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