Oasis Schmoasis

Last weekend, Wes and I ventured down to the valley to see my parents. They said they wanted to see me since they will be leaving town to travel for the next five months soon, but I think the real reason was so they could meet Lizzie.

Anyway, after reading my last blog entry, fish taco friday, Wes was clearly inspired to eat fish for lunch on our trip down. There are quite a few little towns along the way to McAllen, but no big cities. To say the least, our food options were limited. We arrived in Premont a little after noon and thought it would be a good time to stop. Our restaurant choices were a Whataburger, Dairy Queen, or the Oasis Cafe. The Oasis had a full parking lot, so we thought it was probably our best option.

The Oasis had a decent sized menu. I immediately decided on a taco salad (being so close to the valley, I knew the Mexican food would be a winner). Despite my catfish warnings, Wes opted to go with the special: fried catfish, waffle fries, and a quacamole salad. Growing up, most fish was welcome in our household; however, catfish was not. My dad refused to eat or cook it, and referred to it as a bottom dweller. Who would want to eat something thats sole diet was made up of droppings from other fish and whatever else it could find on the floor of a lake? I sure don’t, but Wes was ok with it.

To save you the gory details, I’ll just summarize it like this. DO NOT eat the catfish from the Oasis cafe in Premont unless you are ready for some serious repercussions later.

Catfish – 1
Wes – 0

Maybe next time he’ll try the mexican food…

On an exciting note, I went to a cake class last night and made a super yummy angel food cake. I’ll post the recipe and some pictures soon!

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