Welcome to Monuriki, B

There aren’t that many people in the world that I can honestly say I truly dislike. I tend to be a fairly forgiving, and when not forgiving, forgetful person (I have a tough time remembering why I actually don’t like someone). But, there are few individuals who are worth remembering why I don’t like them. Typically these are people that are hard to respect for numerous reasons.

Until noon today, I could only think of three people that I have very valid and memorable reasons for disliking. Now, my number is at four.

Allow me to introduce the forth addition to my list of “individuals who could be sent to a remote island and not be missed.”

(My island of choice is Monuriki island, which is the island from Castaway)

I “work” with this individual. I use the term work loosely as I’m unaware of his actual purpose. In fact, I think my company should be collecting rent from him as he seems to have made his cubicle his home. Weekends, late at night, early mornings, you can always find him here. I know these all sound like characteristics of a “hard worker,” but they truly aren’t in this situation. From what I have learned from other co-workers and my own observations, he doesn’t have anywhere else he needs to be.

Instead of listing the many reasons this person has made my list, I’m just going to welcome him. It will be a long stay, and unfortunately for him, there will be no volleyball to keep him company. There will only be the other three that I have cast-away to this island. Enjoy! And best of luck finding your way back to main land.

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