Cook yourself thin, yes please!

So, I’m in love with the new “Cook Yourself Thin” show on Lifetime. If you haven’t seen it yet, I totally advise you to watch it and set your DVR to record the whole series.

I am all about the concept of cooking yourself thin. I’m actually pretty upset with myself for not coming up with the idea of a television show, since I modify most of the things I make already to make them healthy. I grew up in a family where calorie counting was never an issue. My dad has Crohn’s disease (if you know anything about this disease, you know the more calories you get, the better). And my mom taught PE at my elementary school, needless to say she had better abs than me for the majority of my childhood and teenage life. So, ever since I started cooking for myself, I realize that I couldn’t just follow my mother’s recipes to a tee. Although full fat always does taste just a little better, fat free and reduced fat versions of most foods can be made to taste almost identical. Anyway, I’m trying not to be bitter about the whole tv show thing, and am excited to have another resource for healthy meals. I’ll just have to come up with some other tv show that I can be a host of.

Recently I tried the “crispy chicken tender” recipe, found here and really liked it. I was all out of thyme though, so used some sage. The recipe turned out great and I was really pleased with how crispy the chicken was! I didn’t make the coleslaw or tartar because I’ve never been a huge fan of either, maybe someday. I hear taste buds change every 7 years.

The only downfall of this recipe is that it isn’t nearly as good on the second day. I know most things aren’t, but this one really isn’t…. imagine soggy cornflakes on a chicken tender. Eww.

I’m really excited to try some more of these recipes in the next couple weeks. I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out.

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  1. I love that show! I’m also mad I didn’t come up with it either, I’m always cutting corners, substituting lesser fat things in place of butter and creams. Girls gotta watch herself 😉

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