Pretty in Pink

I can admit it. I am 25 years old and I still love pink. Hot pink, baby pink, pastel pink, doesn’t matter really… i love every shade. And honestly, I don’t see that ever changing.

One of my best friends was celebrating her 25th birthday last week. Since 25 is such a special birthday, I decided she needed an extra special cake. I found a couple of different pink lady cake recipes that I liked, but decided on this one from

The cake was pretty simple to make. I used fresh strawberries because Central Market has had some to die for strawberries these last few weeks. I mean they are amazing. They gave the cake a wonderful strawberry flavor. I didn’t even have to add any dye to the cake; it turned out perfectly pink.

Now, the only change I would make to this cake in the future is the icing. There was way too much leftover and it was almost a little too “cream-cheesy” for me. In the future, I think I will use just one package of cream cheese. Other than that, the cake was delicious and very moist. I had some leftover batter and was able to make eight cupcakes as well. I took these too work and they were gobbled down pretty quickly.

I decorated the cake with fondant, which is getting surprisingly easier to use. I used Wilton fondant again from Michaels. I am not a fan of the way fondant tastes, but it sure does make a cake look pretty. The flower was pretty simple. You just roll out strips of the fondant, then form little loops and seal at the ends with corn syrup. I let them sit out to harden for a couple of hours, then decorated the top of cake with them and used icing to hold them on.

So for the pink lady in your life, I definitely recommend this pink lady cake.

And a special thank you to Vince for lending me a cup of sugar when I ran out.

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