Restaurant Week!!!

It’s almost Restaurant Week again in Dallas. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do you get a 3-course meal from an awesome restaurant for $35, but a portion of your money also goes to support the North Texas Food Bank.

This year restaurant week kicks off on August 17th. Some restaurants will only be participating for the week of Aug 17th through the 23rd, but others will extend their “restaurant week menus” for an additional one or two weeks. To see a listing of all the participators and how many weeks they will be participating, check this out.

So far, I am going to be visiting Charlie Palmers on Monday with my group of girlfriends and Abacus on Friday with another group of friends. Wes and I might be going to Stephen Pyles on that Thursday if he is in town (fingers crossed!!). I am SO excited about getting to try all of these places. I have heard so many good things about all of them and am really looking forward to it. I’ll definitely have to kick the work-outs up a notch that week so I won’t feel too guilty about the massive amount of food I will be eating.

On a random sidenote, this Friday, July 17th, the Blondes from BvB will be having a date auction at The Green Elephant on Dyer Street. We have several of the players from Team Blonde up for auction and a couple of coaches. Also, the Matt Boggs Band will be playing. For more info on the event, check out our facebook page here. So please come support our cause and buy yourself a date!!

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