Rain rain go away

So I know I live in Texas and that I should be thankful for the rain, and I was… for the first week. But now, I am just tired of it. It has been raining off and on for the past three weeks. I have had enough! All of our kickball games have been rained out, several flag football games as well, and it has made half marathon training very difficult. I have still been doing some training, but a lot of it has been indoor on a treadmill (and no, I do not use an incline). So basically, it is nothing like running outside.

This rainy weather has made me a little lazy in terms of cooking. I did make a super yummy spaghetti dish last week using spaghetti squash. But, for the most part, my meals have consisted of soup and sandwiches. One of my favorites has been this egg sandwich:

I got some really yummy 12 grain bread at the grocery store the other day and have been all about using it to make paninis. Note, my panini maker is actually my waffle iron. It works really well though, I promise!! Anyway, I just start with a basic grilled cheese, using a mixture of whatever is in the fridge, usually pepperjack, swiss, and some cheddar. Then I make two eggs sunny side up on the stove and pop them in the bread right when the cheese has just begun to melt. Add a little salsa or fresh pico de gallo, and it is delicious!! It really does hit the spot after those long runs, when I’m really craving protein and carbs. And it takes about 5 minutes to make. Toss together a side salad and you have a pretty decent little dinner.

So tonight I have two flag football games scheduled, but it has been raining all afternoon. I’m almost positive they will be cancelled. This is probably a good thing though b/c I will have time to run to the grocery store to get all my ingredients for the extra special birthday cake I have planned for Friday and will also get to do a decent run (on the treadmill). Yay!

Wes has been in town for the last week and a half and it has been so nice. His birthday party is this Friday with another friend of mine, Becca. I have big plans for their birthday cake, and only hope it will turn out as cute as I have imagined. If it does, I’ll post pictures with recipes!

I can’t wait for Friday!!

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