I did it!!

Well the half marathon is over and I finished in 1:59. I made it in just under my “secret goal” of two hours. I was really happy about it all and am looking forward to doing another one and shaving another couple of minutes off of my time. They are addicting!

I have started doing some holiday baking this week. My first project was a candy cane shaped coffee cake. Recipe found here. I am going to bring one into work and then save one for Wes’ grandma. It is not entirely finished yet, since I haven’t put the glaze or bow on it, but here is a picture of what it looks like out of the oven:

I think it will be really cute once I get the cream cheese glaze on it. I made the glaze from the recipe but really didn’t like the way it came out. And for some reason, it was much too runny. I guess I messed something up along the way. I will put up a finished picture as soon as my made up glaze is put on it. Hopefully it tastes alright. I haven’t done a lot with dough before and I didn’t realize how big this guy was going to get. I just hope there is enough filling in it to keep it from tasting to dry. We will see. I am going to bring this one to work and then will cook the one for Wes’ grandma tomorrow night and have it ready for my trip on Friday.

I cannot wait for next week. Basically all of my shopping is done. I need to wrap presents, but have pretty much everything else under control. I usually am an extreme last minute shopper, so I am proud of myself this year.

Tonight I am going to attempt to make my mom’s cabbage rolls. I’ve never made them before so I am hoping they turn out all right. We shall see. I will put up our recipe and some pictures if those turn out well. Fingers crossed!

Merry Christmas!!!

Here it is finished:

That is the one I brought to work. The one for Wes’ grandma is actually cuter! Yay! The dough was a lot easier to work with and stretched out a lot more.

Oh, and the cabbage rolls turned out good. Recipe to be posted soon.

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