8,590,673 pills later…

ok maybe not quite.. but it sure feels that way! I am so glad to be done with the cleanse portion of the challenge. I have gained weight since all of this has started, so I’m not really sure what I should be thinking. Especially when I hear “down 5 pounds… down 3 pounds… down 8 pounds, etc” from other people. Like I’ve said, I am not expecting to really lose weight, but gaining it wasn’t in my plan either. Trouble.

Nonetheless, I am hoping the second part of the challenge will prove to be more successful for me. Today started off with a whole mess of pills from the MNS box. And, some catalyst and thermo. And a probiotic. Yikes. On top of spark and muscle gain. My mom would probably have a heart attack if she saw how many pills I was taking in one day. It is more than my dad with Crohn’s disease. I know it is all good stuff though. The weekend has been a little shaky in terms of food. I definitely had a cheat meal last night. I went to Chuys with some friends and had chips and salsa. My dinner was actually really good though. I order chicken fajitas made with no oil, and they listened. Too bad I’m a sucker for the chips. I also had yogalicious today with Wes’ family. Other than that, my eating has been on track with the plan. The work week is always so much easier for me.
Lizzie and I went on a nice 45 minute run, then came back and played the card game, alternating push ups, crunches, lunges, and jumping jacks. I also made her race me up the stairs 5 times. She won. But she does have four legs.
I am addicted to my heart rate monitor. I just got it earlier this week and am not sure how I have worked out for so long without one. I absolutely love knowing what is going on with my body during workouts. So cool!! I definitely would recommend one!
I am about to finish the night off with some berries and a protein shake. My eating schedule has been way off today. Wes and I were super busy around the house getting stuff up and put together that it was 3 before we went to lunch. We ended up eating at Village Burger Bar. I got the Village chopped salad, sans blue cheese (ick), bacon, and eggs. It wasn’t good, but I at least felt good about eating that over a turkey burger and sweet potato fries.
Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and is ready to start another week!! Night 🙂

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