Day 12!

Happy Monday!

We are on the second phase of the challenge now, so exciting! I am getting more used to taking all of the pills that come along with it. I just have to lay them all out at night and put them in baggies so I know what is supposed to be taken when.

Today has been crazy busy at work. I did get to go home at lunch time for a little strenth workout. It was about 30 minutes, but was a good break from the work day. I did some lunges, squats, presses, rows, abs, plank survive, and a few other things. Fun fun!

My allergies have been making me crazy today, migraine and all. Ick. I am hoping it clears up tonight, but have a feeling I will just have to sleep it off. Too bad. I think I am going to just make some tilapia and veggies in the oven tonight. Nothing exciting, but serves its purpose. The day has been going well food wise… here is the rundown:

8 – wake up, take tons of pills
8:30 – breakfast: egg whites!
9:30 – berries
10:30 – muscle gain
11:30 – more pills and carrots as a snack
12:00 – salad with my homemade shallot dressing, and a ton of berries with agave nectar
12:30 – workout!
2 – Spark
2:30 – Green apple
4:15 – muscle gain

Will keep you posted on how the rest of the day goes 🙂

I am sooooooo sleepy. Bummer 🙁

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