Day 30!!

Wow the challenge is over!! April really flew by and summer is now that much closer. Yay!!!!

So, I went in today for my final “weigh-in” at Watermark this morning. I was pleasantly surprised with how I did. Throughout the challenge, I have been running a little “heavy” in terms of my weight. After the 30 days, I ended up gaining a pound. However, with that said, I lost a little under 5 inches over my body and 3.75% body fat according to a calculator online. I would really like to get my body fat checked professionally instead of using a calculator, but it is a good base line. I am happy with those results. It’s tough for me to know what should have been a good goal to shoot for because you can’t compare yourself to anyone. Everyones body is so different!

Here are some of the things I am taking away from the challenge:

  • Supplements are helpful. I am going to continue with the protein shake, catalyst, probiotic, thermo, and omega plex. I am going to omit the Spark. I don’t like it and I don’t really feel like it gives me a spark.
  • I really wish I would of been able to push myself these last few days, but my ankle just hasn’t allowed it. I am going to work harder on actually resting on my rest day… 3 mile walks are not resting 🙁
  • Weight isn’t the end all be all of health. Although it is an important part of keeping a healthy body, sometimes an extra pound means better physical condition
  • Cheat days are absolutely necessary… but once a week is enough 🙂
  • Working out is so much more fun when you are doing it with friends, so is being on a diet! Accountability!!!!!

I’m sure there are lots of other things, but that’s what I got for now. My diet will probably remain the same. I do intend on keeping up the extra cardio. It makes me feel good at the beginning of the day and it makes Lizzie extremely tried. And one tired puppy equals one happy puppy owner. There is usually little to no destruction on days when Lizzie works out with me in the morning. She is to worn out to do anything bad!!

From what I have read, everyone seems to have had great success on the challenge. I’m so excited for everyone who worked hard and got some results. Congrats!!!

I can’t wait for the next challenge in July.

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