Day 5

Well, the weekend proved to be pretty tricky for my new “diet.” I stayed on track the majority of the time, but did have a few slip ups. My mom flew in to spend Easter weekend with me and also to see the new townhome. We got a lot done in there and bought a ton of new stuff… mirror, hutch, dining chairs, blender, iron, ironing board, bedding, etc. My place is finally starting to look like a home, even though I have a lot left to do!!

What I’ve learned so far from this whole process is that you spend the majority of your time going to the restroom (nothing gross here, so don’t freak out Wes), but when you are drinking 96 ounces of water a day your trips become more and more frequent. Here is an overview of my Friday through Sunday

Friday Day 2
7:45 woke up, restroom
8:30 Spark, restroom
9:15 Egg whites (resisted fresh bagels, woo small victory)
9:30 restroom
10:15 Chocolate muscle shake
10:17 restroom
10:58 restroom
11:30 restroom
Noon: leave work(Another small victory here… co-workers had impromptu happy hour in the break room at noon; I snuck out early and did not partake).
** After noon on Friday, my schedule gets a little blurry since I was at home, running errands/all over the place, etc, so summary form will work best here. However, I did keep up the 30-45 minute interval of bathroom breaks throughout the whole weekend. Cotonelle will be getting a lot of additional money from me this month.**

Friday afternoon, I went on a 45 minute run and then did about 25 minutes of strength training (push ups, squats, planks, abs, etc). Basically grazed until dinner time on berries, lettuce, celery, and other veggies. For dinner, mom and I picked up some green apples to make homemade applesauce, lean cut pork (this may or may not be allowed, but it was good), sweet potatos, and asparagus. It was awesome!! So, Friday I stayed pretty much on track. I followed the cleanse plan according to the instructions on the box and had my shakes/spark as necessary. And I definitely drank all the water I needed to.

Saturday, woke up and made a big breakfast omelet using egg whites, turkey sausage, and a variety of veggies in my fridge. Twas yummy. After breakfast, I went to CG for an hour. Great workout!! Then, and this is exciting, I got to pick up my first produce share from Urban Acres. Woo! Urban Acres is a local food coop that provides 15 (or 30, depending on what you need) pounds of fruits and vegetables from local growers every other week. In my stash was kale, lettuce, baby carrots, a beet, an onion, strawberries, apples, bananas, oranges, and celery. Pretty awesome!! I took all of that home and then headed out to Ikea. Mom and I spent a ton of time there and were starving when we left. So, as promised to my mom, we then went to Los Cucos for some Mexican food. I tried soooo hard to be good, but still ate a few chips and salsa and definitely split dessert with her. Oopsie!!! I also didn’t have any protein shakes on Saturday, but I did stick to the cleanse instructions. Overall, Saturday was a fail, but I enjoyed every single minute of the mexican food. And I did drink all 96 ounces of water, plus some.

Sunday, Easter!! This was a hard day, but I am proud of myself. Made it through eating no sweets! I didn’t work out, but got lots of exercise climbing the stairs at home about a million times moving things around. Food was pretty good also. I had another egg white omelet for breakfast. Protein shake, carrots, strawberries, and pickles around lunch time. Also had some quick oats (1/2 oats, tiny bit of milk, tbsp peanut butter, cinnamon, berries) to keep me full. Very yummy!! For Easter dinner, mom and I had sushi. Since it was just the two of us, a big Easter dinner didn’t feel quite right. Dad wasn’t able to make it up to Dallas, so we didn’t want to do the big dinner without him. Sushi was a great option and allowed me to stay on my plan. So yummy. I also followed the cleanse instructions precisely and drank enough water. Woo!!

I am doing great today. It is so much easier when you are on a work schedule. I had spark early this morning, followed by egg whites a little later. Then around 10:30 had my protein shake. At noon had a delicious salmon burger on 100% whole wheat bread, with a salad, and some pickles. And, I’m just about to go for mid-afternoon snack. Peanut butter and a green apple. Workout today will be a 30 min run with miss Lizzie, followed by CG. Can’t wait!!!

I’m also going to make Kale chips and fresh salsa for a snack for tomorrow. Everyone says Kale chips are a great alternative to tortilla chips, so hopefully they are right! Chips and salsa are my weakness!!! I can go forever without wanting any other kind of chip, but the second chips and salsa are in front of me, it’s over!

So far I haven’t really noticed any big change. My weight is about the same… 123 when I wake up, 125 when I go to sleep. It has only been 5 days though, so we shall see how it goes.

I am excited for this week and staying on track all week. I have high hopes of attending to CG’s tomorrow (5:30 am and 6:15pm). It could be tricky, but I really want to do it! Will update manana!!!

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  1. Ya it’s a little intense, but still fun. I’ll have to bring you out to camp with me sometime. It’s a good time and I make Wes go every now and then.

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