Day 6… and going strong!!

Good Afternoon!!

Day 6 is here. Woo! So far today has been going great. I have a ton of energy, even though I didn’t sleep that well (96 ounces of water apparently makes sleeping through the night without waking up 4 times nearly impossible). I plan on running before camp tonight and then going to camp after that. And I have been following my cleanse instructions just like I should, go me! Here’s a little breakdown of my day/food:

8 – wake up (oopsie, missed camp)
9 – egg whites and a ton of berries
10 – chocolate protein shake
12 – salmon filet, salad, pickles
2 – spark!
3:15 – afternoon snack: carrots and a green apple
5 – shake, camp, girl party!!

After camp, some ladies are coming over to check out my new place and have dinner. Some of them are doing the 30 day challenge, and some are not, so there will be a variety of different food and drinks. I will be drinking spark/water and eating pan grilled fajitas with a ton of veggies. I’m actually super excited about the fajitas. I went home and marinated them at lunch with some olive oil spray, s&p, and some Mrs. Dash steak seasoning, and I think they might turn out great! So excited to have some girls over, even though I am still couchless. No biggie… there are chairs! My tv came in yesterday also; unfortunately, it weighs about a million pounds so it is still sitting on the floor. Maybe I can coax someone into helping me lift it into its spot tonight šŸ˜‰ If not, it will just have to wait until Wes makes an appearance in Dallas again this weekend.

So last night was pretty eventful. I made blender salsa. I usually just stick with pico, but figured I would give the blender a try. In it I put:

2 giant tomatos
1/2 yellow onion
bunch of cilantro
1/2 serrano pepper
lots of lime juice

It tastes pretty good after sitting in the fridge overnight. The flavors were able to blend together. Should be good over fajitas tonight!! I also made Kale chips. They are…. interesting. Definitely a good use for Kale and super healthy/simple to make. All you do is give them a little spray with an olive oil mist then sprinkle your favorite seasonings over top. I used s&p, garlic, and a little Mrs. Dash original seasoning. Then you put them in the oven for 15 minutes at 350. They come out very thin and crispy. A good alternative for chips for sure! If you are a Dallas dweller like me and love organic/local food, you definitely need to check out Great food, great recipes, and really just great for the community!

Hope you are having a fab day!!

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