Day 7

It’s been a week! I feel pretty good after a week. No major changes body wise or anything like that yet, but there are still 23 more days to go. I was down a pound to 121 this morning (usual am weight is 122 or 123), so hopefully that continues.

Today has been a good one. I went over to Northpark mall at lunch and made it out without a starbucks drink. Go me. I didn’t have so much luck leaving Banana Republic empty handed though. Uh-Oh. Nonetheless I got some nice little things to get me through the spring and summer. Had to update my white tank tops… the ones from last year are looking a little dingy. And I got the cutest outfit for a fun summer dinner or a date (hint hint Wes).

Lets see… this is the rundown on food for today. I have been extra hungry for whatever reason, so feel like I am going to the office kitchen every 45 minutes or so. At least it has been for all healthy stuff.

8 – wake up, take cleanse stuff
9 – egg whites with homemade salsa… delish!
10 – chocolate protein shake and a couple strawberries from urban acres
11 – two baby carrots, more strawberries, and a few blueberries
12:30 – left over flank steak fajita with a bunch of grilled veggies, side of celery with fresh salsa, and more berries
2 – spark
3 – 4 more baby carrot
3:45 – about to eat a green apple and have another protein shake
4:30 (estimates) – Spark??

And for dinner tonight, I am going to have almond crusted chicken baked in the oven with a variety of different veggies from urban acres. Should be good. 🙂

The flank steak fajitas from last night were nothing short of awesome. I didn’t even miss the cheese! Amazing! I totally recommend it for someone who is looking for a healthier version of fajitas. I did the marinade yesterday at lunch time, which was super easy. Here’s what I did:
1. Beat steak for a few minutes with meat hammer
2. Spray with no cal olive oil spray
3. Sprinkle Mrs. Dash steak seasoning, garlic, a little s&p on both sides. Rub it in like crazy
4. Sprinkle with some lime juice
5. Let sit

After it sat in the fridge all afternoon, I grilled it up on the stove for about 4 minutes on each side. Then I took it off, cut it into fajita size pieces, threw it back on the stove, sprinkles with more lime juice, and cooked it for about another minute or two. SO good and easy!! Also had some grilled veggies: red and green bell peppers, onions, jalapenos. Try it!!

After work, Lizzster and I are going to go for a run and then I will be off to camp. I think Lizzie is definitely ready for it to be CG off week. She is feeling a little neglected and has found her own ways of keeping herself busy. My personal favorite is when she sits at the top of the stairs, drops the tennis ball, watches it, then chases after it. ON repeat about 5 times. So funny! Love her!!

Back to work I go… hope everyone is having a good day!

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