Day 9… TGIF!!!

Anyone have big plans for the weekend? I know I do… they involve hanging a television, hanging some pictures, and putting together a china hutch.

Yesterday, I came home from work and found two giant boxes on my doorstep. My hutch had arrived. Each box was about 5 feet (I am 5’4) and they both weighed 85 pounds. Thank you UPS. Trying to get those two things in my door was quite a feat, but I did it. They are now sitting downstairs waiting for some strong boy to carry them upstairs and put them together for me. 🙂

I also am going to a birthday party tomorrow. Staying with the challenge is going to be tricky because there will definitely be a birthday cake. The alcohol, crawfish, and junk food I can avoid… but cake… not so much. I am guessing tomorrow will be my cheat day 🙂

Tonight Wes and his parents are coming into town. I have volunteered to cook dinner for everyone. Lucky them! They get to eat off of my diet. The dinner is actually really good in my opinion. I am just making the almond crusted chicken with all the veggies and basil, a salad, some wheat pasta, and a lemon dessert. Since I already had my whole grain for lunch, I will be sticking to just the salad, chicken, and veggies. Today has been hectic, but the workday is almost done. I was unusually tired this morning and felt a little under the weather. I think it was from allergies though, b/c I am feeling much better now. I still stuck with the eating plan and took my second to last bag o’ fiber. I also ran by the advocare place to pick up some more goods. (You may judge me for what I am about to say, but that is yet to stop me…)

Has anyone else noticed that some of the men working at the Advocare place were umm not exactly in the best physical condition? And I use the term “best physical condition” loosely. One man looked like he had never seen a pair of running shoes in his life. I totally understand the having a few extra pounds to lose, working toward goals, etc, but this was a little crazy. I’m not sure. I hadn’t been before and I guess was just expecting to see really really muscular men, think thunder from down under style (yes I did go see this show on my 21’st bday in Vegas, go ahead and judge me again). Maybe I went on a bad day? I feel like I should of invited them to CG’s free workout on Wednesday.

Anyways, enough being mean, here is how the day has gone so far:

8 – wake up take pills
8:15 – drink fiber mixed w/ spark
9 – egg whites and strawberries
10 – protein shake (finally found the scoop buried halfway in the bottle of the protein shake… it is much larger than the Spark scoop. oops)
10:45 – more berries
12 – whole wheat english muffin, tons of carrots, blackberries, and a green apple
1:30 – Spark

I get off at 3 on Fridays, so am about to be heading home. I plan to down a protein shake there and then go on a run with Lizzie. And I have high hopes of playing the card game in the park by myself. I’m sure this will be entertaining for all on-lookers.

Have a great Friday afternoon!!

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