I hate stairs

Didn’t get around to posting about the challenge yesterday, mainly because I spent the whole day holed up in my room unable to move… except when I went to the doctor’s office around lunch. I sprained my ankle Tuesday night. Annoying!!

You would think that maybe I sprained it on one of my morning runs, or maybe at camp gladiator, or maybe while doing a Jillian video. But no. I sprained it on my way up my stairs. Wes had gone up to the third floor in the townhome and immediately started yelling. I was on the second floor and flipped out, so decided to race up the stairs at lightning speed to figure out what in the world was going on. About halfway my ankle decided to give out and I fell, hitting my head on the stairs in the meantime. I tried to get up and keep on trucking, but that wasn’t happening. Wes, of course, came to my rescue and carried me the rest of the way up the stairs. He is very nice. He proceeded to carry me to a variety of different places the rest of the evening, bathroom (but he didn’t come in with me. eww), kitchen, etc… He even set up a place for me to prop up my foot while I slept and wrapped it up in ice for me, despite my many complaints. Oh and to address the reason Wes was yelling… Apparently while I was gone on Tuesday, Lizzie decided to “make it rain” with toilet paper and ripped up a whole roll all over the third floor. Pretty funny actually, you know she had a great time!

Anyway, went to the doctor yesterday and it is just sprained, thank goodness. I am supposed to be resting it, elevating, and keeping it iced, but these instructions are so hard to follow!! They are especially hard to follow when I get online and read about everyone’s awesome workout, or run, or strength training session. Kill me now please. I did do a bit of an upper body strength workout though, and it didn’t go so badly. I may even make it out to camp tonight, mainly to watch, but also to get some strength workout in. The final weigh in is tomorrow morning… fingers crossed that I will be magically lighter in the morning and maybe shed an inch or so off of somewhere? We shall see!!!

Despite all that, food has been very yummy recently. Healthy, but still yummy. I cooked up my darling beet last night and it was everything I could hope for and more!! I love beets so much. It is almost ridiculous. In fact I wrote a tiny poem about beets

Ode to thy Beet

A little dirty, but pleasantly sweet
Direct from the ground, my beloved beet
Boiled in water, no additives needed
Feed me more my tummy pleaded

Haha, too much time on my hands… this made me laugh more than it should of. Hopefully urban acres will supply me with yet another delicious beet. Speaking of which, pick up on Saturday! Yay! I’ll actually be out of town this weekend, but one of my CG friends is going to get my bin for me. Bless her!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. The weekend is oh so close đŸ™‚

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