I need a new scale

because mine has to be broken! I mean how can one gain 7 pounds in two days? Is that possible? According to the little devil that sits in my bathroom, yes.

Ha! This is crazy!

I sold a bunch of pants on craigslist a few weeks ago b/c they were too big. I am starting to think with this recent development that I am going to need them back.

I am hoping that Wes is right and that my scale is actually broken. Everything still fits fine and I feel normal, but that number is haunting me.

This weekend was very fun. Friday we had CG dinner and it got a little wild. Lots of wine consumed (maybe 7 pounds came from here??). Then, Saturday was a little more relaxed. I spent a lot of time resting from the previous night and made it out to Plano around 4 for Ana’s sushi dinner. Wes and I hung out there for a bit, then went up to Ikea to pick up a few more things for my house. Saturday night was pretty chill to say the least. Sunday was the big Nascar/Mavs days. Nascar turned out to be a bust. I got out there to meet the boys (who had been there since 8) at noon. It was very very cold and rainy. Around 4 they decided to call the race and move it to Monday. Wes and I hurried to my car, but unfortunately, we were no where near fast enough. We proceeded to spend the next two hours sitting in the parking lot. Not moving. Nothing. Two hours. Zero movement. Finally around 6:15, we got out of the parking lot. We were then routed north towards Oklahoma since the police decided to shut down the road leading back to Dallas. Fantastic. We spent about 3.5 hours trying to get back. At 7: 15, we finally arrived back in Dallas. Katie met me at the house and we went up to the AAC for the Mavs game. So fun! And I spotted Eva Longoria Parker. I was thrilled and it definitely made up for the afternoon.

Anyway, today has been pretty busy at work. And CG is back tonight, so that is good news. Hopefully my 7 extra pounds will go away. That would be ideal. I also received the Jillian Michael’s video, so that will begin today also. Woo!! I have eaten really well today and have actually followed the CG diet without thinking about it all that much. I am proud of myself.

The strawberry cake that was made last week was delicious. I need it out of my house immediately. Like now. Someone needs to come and take it from me.

OH! And one last piece of good news. Urban Acres gave me two beets this week. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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