It really was broken!

Turns out the scale was broken. All it needed was new batteries and I was back to normal. Funny. Although, I would of been really impressed if I actually did gain 7 pounds over 2 days haha.

Life is good around here this week. Wes got some really great news regarding a possible job, so I am thrilled. We may actually live in the same zip code for the first time in the last year and seven months that we have been dating (i think i counted that right). Yay!!!!! We celebrated with a yummy meal. Steak, homemade mac n cheese, salad, and tapioca for dessert. So good 🙂 Lizzie enjoyed some of it as well. She likes to celebrate.

My mom and dad are coming into town today to check out the new place and help me haul stuff around town. They are going to be bringin me a mattress for my guest bed downstairs. No more air mattress for my guests! So nice. I went ahead and did all of my workout this morning since I knew there would be no time later. I woke up early for the CG class at One Arts. Then, I came home and tried to fall back asleep for all of 5 minutes, but couldn’t lay still…. so I went ahead and did the Jillian Shred video class # 2. It was actually quite hard for 20 minutes. I burned just a little under 200 calories doing it, so not too bad when you are in a pinch for time. Then I took Lizzie for a nice 25 minute run. All of that was done before 8 am! Insane!!

I have overdosed on berries and honey today. Two bowls and counting… Lunch was salad with some meat left from my meal last night chopped in. I may of also had a bite or two of macaroni 🙂 Love it!!! I am trying really hard to not eat peanut butter daily, but it could be tricky. I did good yesterday, but it is SO tough to resist the almond butter. We were meant for each other 😉

Oh and I registed for the Katy Trail 5k today! It is 2 days before my birthday… last month of my youth left. Then I will officially be in my mid (pushing late) 20’s. Oh my.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.

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