Pour me a vacation…

Good afternoon 🙂 How is everyone’s Wednesday?

Mine has been pretty good. I woke up at normal time today and did JM’s Shred, level 3! Woo! It wasn’t that bad. I really think you would have to be very committed to eating extremely clean for the 3o days if you wanted to see any serious results. On average I would say each workout burns about 150 to 200 calories. It is a good way to get some energy going at the beginning of the day, but additional workouts are definitely needed later in the day.

I had a fabulous breakfast cookies this am. Oats, choc protein powder, water, tons of berries, and peanut butter. Yum. I used really hot water this morning, so the oats were almost cooked. I was so incredibly full after, but it was SO good. Wes picked me up some yummy bbq for lunch, so I had pulled pork and a big salad. Dinner will be something easy I’m sure since I’ve already eaten a ton today. My afternoon berry bowls are getting out of control!! I picked up a bunch of fresh ones, and I have this awesome mixed berry blend from Sams. They are awesome, especially sprinkled with a little honey 🙂

Today I started trying to plan my summer vacations. So far I am going to Canada for my grandma’s 90th birthday and to Cancun for my friend Ana’s wedding. I am also going to try and squeeze in a trip to San Francisco since I’ve always wanted to go. I am definitely ready to head somewhere tropical though, so am looking forward to Cancun in September. It seems so far away, but I know time will fly 🙂

My new bed for the guest room is supposed to be getting delivered today. Fingers crossed. I am so ready to get that room finished!!! And I’m about to kill Z Gallerie. I custom ordered couches about 11 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten them. I was told they would be done and delivered end of March, then they moved it to mid April, and now they are saying first week in May. It is getting very old not having couches. I want to be able to watch television on my cool new tv!!!!! Ahh.. patience. Two more days till the weekend! I cannot wait. As usual 🙂

Oh and here is a sneak peak at the yummy cake I made last week. I could seriously eat strawberry cake every day of the week. It never gets old!!!

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