It is such a beautiful Friday here in Dallas. The sun is out, and no rain clouds are in sight (yet). It is supposed to rain either tonight or tomorrow morning, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather reports are wrong. I would love some pool action this weekend.

Camp was awesome last night. We had a really good strength workout, then I ran for about 15 minutes; I was extremely tired when it was all over. The turkey sloppy joes were super good. Since there are no canned products in it, the ending result is a really fresh taste. Take it easy on the ketchup and it is awesome, and not all that bad for you. I recommend pairing them with sweet potato fries. Yummy!! I think it will be repeated tonight 🙂

We had birthday cake today for the boss’ 50th birthday. I usually make the birthday cakes for the office, but for the big ones, we get them professionally done. Honestly, it wasn’t that good. I was a little bummed, nothing spectacular at all. I mean it was a good chocolate cake, and it looked very very pretty, but it was nothing to write home about. I didn’t even finish mine, wasn’t worth the calories. I really do think homemade is so much better. I’ll be bringing in a cake next week for April birthday’s for the office… probably carrot cake or italian creme. Decisions decisions…

I really don’t have any big weekend plans. I would like to get a long run in since I haven’t done anything more than 5 miles in a while. If the weather holds out, this could be a good activity for tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I am just ready to relax though 🙂

Hope everyone had a good weeekend!

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