Today I shall bake…

After doing this very interesting ABC workout tonight at Griggs, I am baking a cake. I don’t intend on eating it, but I am baking it and will find someone to give it to. I miss baking and am just going to do it, no matter how much I know I shouldn’t. Regardless, it’s happening. If anyone is interested in strawberry coconut cake, let me know 🙂

I’m also roasting a full chicken tonight. I’ve never done it before. I’ve made all sorts of other chicken, but never actually bought the full un-cut chicken. Seems like it should be relatively easy. Although I did already make one cardinal mistake… I removed the skin. I wanted to make sure the seasoning got into the meat since I have no intentions of eating the skin, so I will just have to be extra careful while it cooks to make sure it doesn’t dry out. I chopped up a bunch of fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage this afternoon and lathered it all over the chicken. I’m probably going to baste it throughout the process to help keep it moist also. And, tonight I am going to have my urban acres beet! I have been looking forward to this. As a little girl, I loved beets! I haven’t had them in so long, so I cannot wait to give it a try tonight. Me thinks I will also have sweet potato fries. Yum 🙂

Tomorrow Wes and his friend Adam come into town. I went ahead and ordered an array of things for the new house for them to put together, including a desk and a bed for the guest bedroom. Hopefully it all comes soon. I can’t wait!!! Thank you handy boys 🙂 I still need to buy a mattress for the new bed. Picking mattresses for a guest bed is tricky. I like soft beds, but my parents like harder beds. I’m not the one sleeping in it though, but I just don’t understand liking a firm mattress. Dilemna.

Today has been good. I have taken all of my vitamins and have eaten everything just like I was supposed to. Yay. OH and the obstacle course last night was awesome!! Not going to lie, I was a little afraid when I climbed to the top of the big air thing, but sliding down it was fun, despite getting other people’s sweat all over me (ew). It was an awesome workout also! My heart rate machine said I burned like 550 calories. I also ran two miles before that, but still, I was happy with 550 calories. And that explains why I went to bed last night at 9. SOOO exhausted. After the obstacle course, I took a bath with all the great stuff I got from Nordstroms Rack. They had a bunch of the philosophy stuff on sale, so I loaded up. It was fab 🙂 Lizzie was eyeing the tub also, so I’m thinking she is going to get a scrub down later on. In the philosophy vanilla shampoo/soap/bubble bath no doubt. Spoiled puppers 🙂

I am sooo happy tomorrow is Friday. And I get to see my long lost bud Ana on Saturday, so that will be great. Her birthday is coming up. So fun!! Anyway, hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday.

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