Two weeks in!

Good afternoon 🙂

We are officially two weeks into the challenge. Crazy! And today CG is having a free obstacle course workout. I am so excited! It is at 6:30 at Tietze park off of Skillman. I’m probably going to head up there around 6 to do some extra cardio. My knee has been bothering me that last few days and actually feels better today. Yay!!

Last night was so great. I was having a really rotten day, but knew I needed to get my act together. We had an event with The One Society last night at Children’s Medical. Talk about putting your life into perspective. It was definitely a mood lifter to see all of the incredible work done there and how it has affected families. I am so glad to be able to help, even if it is in such a small way. 🙂

So I have been seriously tempting myself this week. I love reading food blogs, and one of my favorites is the Pioneer Woman. Her food looks SO amazing. DO NOT read this blog at all if you are trying to stay on a diet. I have printed out about a dozen recipes to make in May. I also have her cookbook and can’t wait to start trying some of it out. I am determined to make some of the recipes healthier though so I can have them during the challenge. She tempted me big time with her sloppy joe’s from the other night. I am going to try and recreate this weekend, omitting a few ingredients and adding in others that are CG challenge friendly. I’ll definitely let everyone know how that goes. In the mean time, I’m going to continue to day dream about carrot cake, and cream cheese frosting, and cheesy sandwiches, and all sorts of different pastries. Yummmm

But, back to real life now, the day has gone along pretty smoothly. I had all of my pills before breakfast, then enjoyed some egg whites. Some evil person brought in 3 boxes of donuts this morning.. trouble. I stayed away though. For lunch I got a salad from Whole Foods. I definitely should of opted for some dressing though. It was really bland and I just couldn’t choke it down, no matter how much salsa I put on it. Fail. So, i’ve been snacking on berries, muscle gain shakes, and am about to enjoy an apple with peanut butter.

Tonight I think I am going to make some kind of tilapia taco. I have some left over whole wheat tortillas and a whole bunch of salsa. I’ll probably throw in some avocado if I don’t use all my healthy fat up with peanut butter. We shall see. Not sure how I am going to season the fish tacos. I usually use Panko to crust it, but I am guessing that is not allowed, so it will just have to be grilled. I will find some kind of seasoning blend for it though.

I am so ready for the weekend!! I found out today that I will be attending a Nascar race on Sunday. Ha!!! Can’t wait for the people watching there!! You know it is going to be awesome. Anyway, that is all for today. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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