It’s the weekend! I am so excited. 🙂

Have all sorts of stuff on the agenda. I wish the weather was supposed to be better, but what can ya do?? Adam and Wes are driving into town right now. Not really sure what they want to do tonight, but I’m sure it will be something interesting. I have CG dinner with a bunch of the people doing the challenge. Only healthy food allowed, so it will be interesting.

About that… I’m not sure if I am going to stick with the challenge’s eating plan. I think I have decided to just go ahead and lose the point for eating. But, this is not me giving myself a free pass to eat whatever I want. I am just going to eat how I ate before the challenge… which means things like organic milk and soy milk are a-ok again. Before the challenge, I was already pretty healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I still went out for chips and queso a little more frequently than I should have. I fully intend to trying to keep to the one cheat meal every week or every other week thing. But I do feel like I know my body pretty well and that it appreciates being able to eat pears, and every color apple, and bananas, and other things of that nature. With the challenge, I was way too focused on food… as in with the completion of one meal, I was already aniticipating my snack. Obsessed much? I like to eat every couple of hours yes, but I don’t like to think about it for every hour in between meals. That makes my head spin a little bit. So, we will see what happens.

I am going to stick with all the supplements and additional workouts. I definitely think those are worth it and they make me sleep so well!

Anyway, back to recap a little about yesterday. Had a lovely workout with some ladies at Griggs. It was much more relaxed, which is definitely what my body needed. I made a stupid mistake with the chicken yesterday, so needless to say, that did not get eaten (accidentally left the plastic lid on the roaster I had it in… melted into the chicken. ick). But, i ate my beet and it was SO good. I am keeping my finger’s crossed that I get another one tomorow. Please please please urban acres!!!

I woke up this morning and did a nice little 3.5 mile run with the Lizmeister. Am planning on doing the card workout after work, and maybe even take another jog. I bought new shoes today and am antsy to try them out. Also, I went ahead and gave the stairs at work a try. We just recently got access to the staircases for reasons other than an emergency, so I tried out the 8 floors today. Not bad! I definitely will be adding it to my daily routine. Gets the heart pumping a little bit during the workday. Awesome!!!

And, for what I’m most excited to talk about… Sunday!! First, I got awesome tickets to the Mavs/Spurs playoff game for that night. So pumped! AND Adam got me super awesome tickets to the Nascar event… i think pit-passes and who knows what else. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but if it is anything like Ricky Bobby and Taladega Nights, then I know it will be amazing. EEK!!!

So ready to start the weekend! 🙂

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