Another year….

I can’t believe I just had my 26 birthday. It is so crazy how fast time goes. May 15th was my actual birthday and I had a really great day 🙂

About ten friends all went down to Lake Palestine for the weekend. The weather was supposed to be awful all over Texas on Saturday, but it was basically picture perfect on the lake. I’m so thankful for such good friends and good weather. It made for a perfect birthday weekend. I’ll be doing a little Dallas celebration next week so more of my college buddies can come. I am really working the whole “birthday week” thing. 🙂

The weather is perfect again today. I can’t wait to go on a run after work. I know it is going to be one of the good ones, the type where you run one mile and you are already super sweaty. Is it weird that I love that so much? My workout always feels so much harder and more effective when I end up totally sweaty. It may or not be true, but I love it nonetheless. It’s over 90 degrees here today, so I’m making sure to hydrate big time.

I have my last ankle appointment today; hopefully I will be all better. My ankle hasn’t been giving me too much trouble, but I have noticed more popping and creaking in it than before the sprain. Maybe that will go away in time? I sure hope.

Tonight is going to be fish taco Monday. I have a bunch of tilapia at home waiting to be cooked. I’m trying to come up with a side that would be nice and light but haven’t thought of anything yet. I might just have to stick with guacamole and celery or something. Yum 🙂

Some exciting news! I think I am going to get to take a trip to Boston! I have never been before and it is somewhere I have always wanted to go. I am going to be going for a little CPA conference, but am going to go up several days early to explore. I can’t wait!! Wes is going to come up for the weekend too. I think we are going to hit up Providence, where he went to school, and all sorts of other cool spots. Yay!! Wes and I haven’t ever been on a vacation outside of Texas before, so I’m excited about this one! The next few months are going to be big one travel wise. Woo!!

And last random comment… I ran the Katy Trail 5k last week. It was a lot of fun, but now I have the urge to do another big race. I have high hopes of running a marathon in early January of 2011, but would like to do another half before then. I think I am going to do some research to see what might be coming up. Fun!!!

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