Fruit bowls

Everyday I look forward to my afternoon fruit bowl. It really is one of my favorite parts of my workday. Truthfully, my food during the workday is relatively boring. I eat almost the same breakfast and lunch everyday! Snacks too! But I never tire of them… weird huh? I almost always have some kind of oatmeal with tons of berries for breakfast. Then, I have a salad and some kind of english muffin creation for lunch, and then I have my fruit bowl around 4. And the fruit bowl is the highlight!

All I do is cut up strawberries and throw in whatever other berries I have (it all depends on what is on sale that week), then I sprinkle some honey over top and mix with a tiny bit of granola. It is SO good. Give it a try; it’ll definitely sweeten up your afternoon.

Fish tacos were yummy last night. Very fresh and filling. Tonight I am going to try and create some kind of pineapple quesadilla. I’m thinking I am going to grill up the pineapple, just like the pioneer woman says, but am also going to add some black beans and red onions for kicks. Jalapenos will probably be in the mix as well, along with some bbq sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Yum. And I’ll probably grill some chicken so Wes can add that to his.

I have decided, very very recently, that I want to slowly try and give up the majority of meat. I’m still kind of hesitant on the whole thing. A little bit of research has been done and I think I am leaning towards the “pescetarian” route. This is actually real. It was on wikipedia!! Red meat isn’t something I crave really. I think it will be more difficult for me to give up things like chicken and turkey, but it is something I want to try. Honestly, the idea of slaughter houses and animals raised strictly for food has always bothered me. Unfortunately, I’ve always taken an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to it. I have been able to push it out of my mind so that I could enjoy the meat. Now that there is so much more readily available information on the cruelty’s these animals face, I really am no longer able to justify it. With that said, meat is still welcome in my house. If you want to eat it, go for it! So, that is that…

And more exciting news… I am taking a trip to Boston! I am so excited about this. I have never been before and get to go for a conference for work. SO excited!!!!!

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