No meat pineapple quesadilla


That is all I have to say about my dinner last night. I liked it so much. It was super easy to make and left me feeling very full. I pitched the idea to Wes and he kind of looked at me funny. Then, he said “you know, it would of sounded completely normal if you would of said pork was in it.” However, pork was not in it and my quesadilla was not lacking. Ingredients:

1 fresh pineapple (you can use canned, but i say go for the real thing)
1 cup black beans
1 cup freshly grated skim mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup chopped red onions
red pepper flakes
bbq sauce
wheat tortilla

Grill the pineapple while you are preparing everything else. I actually used my waffle iron to “grill” it and it worked out great. Prepare your quesadilla however you want. The ingredient list above made 1.5 quesadillas. For Wes’, I used two tortillas, but only used one tortilla for mine and cut it in half prior to cooking. Once you have the tortilla loaded up with cheese, pineapple, black beans, onions, cilantro, and the sauce, place the other tortilla (or tortilla half) on top and pan fry it. I used a little bit of olive oil spray on my pan and the tortilla got uber crispy. Delicious! I literally cannot wait to eat this again. I am thinking Wes was not so crazy about it, but something about the mix of all those flavors really made me happy.

Tonight is a super busy night. First, I have a CG happy hour up at Top Golf. Then, I am celebrating my good friend Levi’s birthday at Hatties, a great little restaurant. I have already scoped out the menu and have found a few dishes that sound like they will be yummy.

On a more random note, I have been getting headaches these last couple days after I run. I am wondering if this is somehow heat related? I drink a ton of water during the day and eat, for the most part, pretty healthy. The headaches aren’t really bad, kind of just like a lingering annoying pain more than anything. Any tips on how to remedy this? They are making me crazy!!

Speaking of runs, I got my time back on the Katy Trail 5k and it was my fastest 5k yet! I ran it in 25.06 I felt good after that race, not like I pushed myself too hard, so I am hoping this new pace is something I can continue to improve on.

Well.. it is time for my fruit bowl 🙂 Have a good Wednesday evening!

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