Soooo close

It’s almost Friday. We have a half day here at work tomorrow to kick off Memorial Day weekend a little early. I am so excited about the long weekend. I have absolutely nothing planned, but am a-ok with it. I might be going down to h-town with Wes, but we shall see. Hopefully the weather will be nice. I haven’t checked it at all, but have high hopes of laying by the pool all weekend.

This week has been super tough in terms of workouts. I didn’t get to go to camp last night, so I did a “track” workout on my own. I definitely know why it is best to do those with other people. My original goal was to do 8 800’s in under 3.5 minutes each. Fail. I ended up doing 5 with about 3.75 minutes. It still was a really great workout and I was exhausted after. That style of workout will definitely help out my training for races in terms of endurance and speed, but man it is hard in the heat. Getting up to work out is one of my least favorite things, but it may be inevitable in these summer months…. especially if I want to keep up this distance running bit.

So for an update on the pescetarian thing, it is going well. I haven’t been tempted by meat really at all. My company went out for mexican food the other day and I thought it was going to be tricky, but it wasn’t. Since I am still eating dairy, I just stuck with the cheese enchiladas. Very yummy. I didn’t even miss fajitas! I was thinking this weekend might be tough with all the grilling and bbq that comes with long weekends. My plan is to just have black bean or veggie burgers available for me and lots of veggies to grill…. and maybe might throw in a tuna steak. There are so many great meatless options. And usually at barbeques, the things I enjoy the most are the potato salad and beans. And dessert. 🙂

Speaking of dessert, I made the banana frozen yogurt yesterday. It took all of 5 minutes to make. I put a banana in the fridge the other night, chopped it up, and removed the peel (my fingers were positively numb after this process…i had to run hot water over them). Then, threw it in my mini food processor and pulsed away. I added peanut butter chips to it and it was delicious. Bananas are so so sweet, definitely no extra sugar needed.

Have a good Thursday. I’m off to take of miss Lizzie and assess the damage she has done to my home. Fab.

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