A case of the Mondays…

I am a little concerned that this may seem like a really long week. Yikes. I busted out the big mug for my cup of tea this morning, and once I was finished with that, I immediately filled it up with… coffee. This is a rarity for me.

I like coffee from coffee shops, but very rarely drink the stuff when it does not come from Starbucks. Today is definitely an exception day though.

Yesterday was such a busy day. I literally got more accomplished yesterday than I had in a while. And, I got to sleep in. Till 10:30. That’s right… 10:30. No, I did not go to church yesterday. However I did:

Clean the house
Wash my car
Go to Petsmart
Go to Target
Go to Central Market
Go to the movies
Go to Run On
Run 7 miles

Pretty good considering I woke up at 10:30 huh? It is in my mind.

I saw Despicable Me last night. Loved it. A group of people gathered at the movies to see Inception, but it was sold out. I think the boys were a little upset about it, but they agreed to see Despicable Me instead. I had been wanting to see DM for a while, so I was secretly happy about it. In the end, everyone was happy. The movie was really heartwarming, and of course made me shed a few happy tears. And I think were are going to try and see Inception sometime. A win-win.

Now it is back to the routine: work, working out, making dinner, trying not to eat my weight in desserts, and entertaining Lizzie. Sometime this week I will have a recipe (and maybe pictures!!) of my homemade breakfast bars. I love them, but of course I love anything mixed with brown sugar, oats, and raspberry jam. Heaven… pure heaven 🙂

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