Katy Trail… my long lost friend

Since I moved to my townhome, I have completely abandoned the Katy Trail. Initially this didn’t really seem like a big deal, but then I thought about it a little more. Over the three years I lived at my apartment, I probably ran over 1,000 miles on the Katy Trail. It was my go-to running track for my entire tenure in Uptown.

Once I moved across 75, I had all but forgotten my friend, until yesterday. I decided to venture back over to Katy Trail yesterday afternoon, instead of doing my typical neighborhood run. I had to return a dvd at the Walgreens on McKinney, so figured why not.

Umm wow.

Have I missed Katy Trail or what?! It is SO incredibly shady. Granted, the weather this week has been significantly cooler than the last few, but it was like running in the arctic compared to where I have been running recently. I am so glad I decided to call up my old friend and head back over there. Training for this marathon in December will now be incredibly better. And it just felt so comfortable running there. I’ve missed her. I’m so glad I realized this. 🙂

I am also going to venture out to White Rock this weekend for a 10k. This is another area where I just don’t spend much of my time, although I probably would love it if I just gave it a chance. For whatever reason, White Rock just seems very daunting to me. I don’t know if it is because it is so big, or because the parking situation confuses me, or because I have zero sense of direction, but I’ve never ventured over there to run except for races. I always enjoy the races when I do them (i’m big into scenery and people watching when I run). I am hoping to conquer my fear of White Rock and be able to use it a little more this summer. We shall see…

Today at noon begins my 4th of July holiday. Every year I have always gone down to New Braunfels with a big group of friends to spend the holiday. I am skipping it this year… just to many things to do at the house. And I want to relax. Perhaps I am getting old??? Oh well.

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