So long sweet summer….

Sort of.  There are still a few weeks of summer left, although it will feel like summer for the next couple months.  I am really anticipating fall this year.  This is a first for me. Usually I look forward to summer and December, but never really fall.  I honestly can’t wait until it is time to start making soups, chilis, hearty pastas, and tailgate food again. 

This summer has absolutely flown by. I am rounding it off with one last trip to Cancun for my dear friend Ana’s wedding.  Wes will be coming along as well, along with a ton of other friends. I cannot wait. 

I’ve actually done my share of travelling this summer… Boston, Canada, San Fran, and Cancun.  San Francisco was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was perfect.  Everyone there said they had hardly had any summer weather at all, but finally got some the weekend I was there. I guess I brought the Texas sun with me.  I got to see a little bit of the city, some wineries in Sonoma, and ate some awesome food (notably, Dosa). I would love to go back and get to spend some more time in the city. I was working for the majority of the trip, so didn’t have much energy left to explore after work. Sad 🙁

Keeping my running schedule has been a tad tricky, but I figure it won’t kill me if I miss a run here and there. I did 11 miles yesterday and felt strong. I also conquered my fear of running around white rock. It was surprisingly easy to park there. The only thing that had me a little confused was all the different trails.  I know bikers tend to stay on the road, but there seemed to be multiple paths for runners.  I definitely need to look into investing in a garmin.  I think I will have to wait and ask for that as a Christmas gift. 

On a different note, I was spoiled last week with two restaurant week meals. Nick and Sam’s and Hibiscus. YUM. They were both awesome.  I’m not sure which one I liked more, but know that I definitely want to go back. I did see my teenage crush, Mike Modano, at Hibiscus, so I guess that in itself makes it the clear winner. I leave you with a picture of the beautiful chocolate cake from Hibiscus….

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