Eighties Partayyyy

Need an awesome birthday party idea? Well you’ve come to the right place. 

Last weekend was Wes’ birthday, so I threw him a surprise 80’s themed bday at a local roller skating rink.  A lot of rinks will have a time period where you can rent out the rink for several hours and bring in your own cake, alcohol, and food.  The pricetag can be a little hefty, but if you have a fabulous group of friends like mine who don’t mind throwing in $20, then you should be in decent shape. 

We had about 20 people come out last Saturday night to his birthday party, including his parents who drove in for the surprise event.  I somehow managed to pull off a perfect surprise. He had no clue what was happening.  Here’s how it went down:

On Saturday, his parents drove in and surprised him during the afternoon.  We were all going out to dinner that night, so he assumed they came up just for that.  Originally our plan was to get pizza in the Bishop Art’s District, but that didn’t work out since Eno’s had a 2 hour wait. We then decided to order from Piggie Pie’s and just hang out until the pizza was delivered.  After several boxes of pizza and a few bottles of wine, I told Wes that he had to go sit upstairs in the office by himself for 20 minutes.  In that time period, everyone put on all of their 80’s outfits.  I had Wes’ outfit ready for him to change into in the car on the way to the rink.  After we were dressed, Wes put on his blindfold and I led him out of the house and into the car.  He successfully changed in the car, but was very very concerned about the length of his shorts. 

I cannot begin to explain how excited I was for Wes to take off his blindfold.  Everyone who came to the party so supported the theme.  It was amazing.  I think everyone also had a really good time rollerskating.  There might have been a few injuries here and there, and I know I definitely still have a few bruises, but it was all very worth it.  And if you live in the Dallas area, check out this place for an awesome birthday party

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