My addiction….

There are probably quite a few things I am addicted too, some good (running, volunteering, cooking), and some bad (picking mascara off my eyelashes, filling up my “cart” on and then browsing away), but one of my worst habits, addictions, etc is coming home everyday with several new recipes printed on pieces of paper.  Most days I will just print them off of the computer, but some days I actually write out the recipe on a back of a piece of scratch paper. 

Confession: I am obsessed with recipes.  I find at least 10 new things I want to make everyday.  I need a food budget five times what mine is now to adequately match the quantity of butter necessary for cooking these things.

PS… I have gone through 9 sticks of butter in the last week. Probably another one of my not so good addictions. Or good. Depends on how you look at it.

I have so many loose-leaf pieces of paper with printed or hand-written recipes on them at home that I don’t actually think they would fit in a 3 inch binder. I guess it is getting a little out of hand, at least according to Wes it is.  Another problem is that I also love buying cookbooks… problem being buying and not actually using.  Cookbooks are fabulous. I love them and browsing through all the pretty pictures, and place settings, and decorative food, but I rarely use them.  The majority of my meals come from either my head or the lovely pieces of loose-leaf paper scattered across my kitchen.  Wes actually made a little spot in my island to keep these things in, but the quantity is starting to overtake the space.  Unruly is an understatement.

But, I can’t part with these pieces of paper. They have some of the most amazing recipes on them.  It’s pretty easy to tell which ones have been good based on the number of different food spills smudged across them.  Of course I never reprint a recipe, I just disregard the food smudge and place it back in its respective spot in my cabinet. It helps me remember which recipes I need to make again and again. 🙂

So, to save Wes the heartache caused by looking at my little recipe shelf, I have devised a plan. Somehow I will file these puppies away, which would mean actually going through the mountain of recipes and carefully deciding which ones are keepers and which ones will never be made.  My goal is to get this done over the Thanksgiving holiday, which leaves me a little over a month to decide which recipes will stay and which will go.  Once I have gone through the elimination process, I will hopefully be able to file them away in a binder, maybe even alphabetized by food type. 

Wish me luck.

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