5 days and counting

In 5 days, I will be running my first marathon.  AHHH!!

I cannot believe it is the week of my marathon. Time has completely flown by since I started training for this back in July or August, or whenever it was.  My fingers are crossed that it warms up a bit by Sunday. I tried working out at CG tonight and had to leave early because I was completely frozen.  60 degrees would be ideal, with no wind of course 🙂

In terms of training, I think I did pretty well. Life definitely got in the way, but that was what my schedule was designed for. I got in 2 twenty mile runs. Initially I had wanted to run at least 22, but have read a lot of different articles that make it sound like those extra two miles won’t make a tremendous difference.  So hopefully my running base and all my cg training will help me out on those last 6.2 miles.

I haven’t really set a goal for myself. I would like to be able to run it under 4 hours and 30 minutes. However, I don’t want to set myself up for marathon disaster. Since I’ve never done this before, I have absolutely no clue how those last 6.2 miles will go. I am counting on adrenaline getting me through a lot of it and the whole “i’m running a marathon” feeling. My mom, dad, and Wes will all be cheering me on along the marathon path.  I will definitely be looking for them when the miles start to feel rough.

Last week and this week have been all about tapering. The longest I ran over the Thanksgiving break was a five miler. I plan to do a few little 3 milers throughout the rest of this week and 2 on Saturday to keep my legs warm.

The excitement has definitely started to set in. I have all of my goos and little chewy things ready. I do need to pick up a pair of running gloves and might hit up the goodwill store to look for clothing I can toss on the running course. I always start to get hot about an hour in, so I know I will want to lose some of the clothing. Thank goodness all the tossed clothing gets donated back to goodwill.

I’m also carb loading all week long, because why not? Ha. Tonight I made a super yummy eggplant parmesan.  I will get the recipe and some pictures up later this week. I can’t believe I have never experimented with eggplant before. It turned out really yummy and will definitely be something I make again.

Anyway, wish me luck on Sunday. I’ll have an update and recap on my first marathon on Monday!

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