A few of my favorite things…

Remember how excited you would get about going to school after getting new school supplies for the year?  Or maybe new school clothes? Or when your mind starts racing trying to come up with new recipes when you get a new dutch oven? Everyone feels this way right?

Well besides all of those, new running gear also really gets my blood pumping. It makes going out on a run so much more fun.  This week has been a particularly exciting one since I purchased new running shoes, new running pants, a new headband, andddddd a Garmin 305!!  I know I probably sound completely selfish, but the majority of those purchases are justifiable (and they were all on sale!).  Really.

Ask anyone who works out with me, I have been wearing the same red headband for the last 4 years (gross, I know).  My running shoes were in not so good shape, and my back up pair is completely deflated, and I’ve been freezing my tush off on my last couple of runs. The Garmin is definitely more of a want than a need. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t wait for Christmas to get it.  With the upcoming marathon, I feel like it is really going to help me out on my long runs. And it will keep me in control on marathon day. 

The last few weeks of training has been particularly difficult for me. I spent all last weekend at the Ronald McDonald house, so I wasn’t able to get in a long run, and with this time change, it is nearly impossible to get one in after work. So, I am doing something that could be really stupid. I am going to run 20 miles this Sunday. My marathon is in two weeks, so I don’t know if this is the smartest thing to do physically. However, mentally I really need this run. I have done one 20 miler before, Halloween weekend.  One more big run will hopefully help me get rid of some of my marathon jitters.

The Garmin and headband are going to get broken in tonight.  Hopefully the new headband works as well as the my trusty old red one.  Hair in my face is a huge pet peeve for me when running, and it can get pretty tricky keeping it off your face when you have bangs.  I bought one of the Nike headbands that has a little bit of warm lining in it that will also help keep me warm.  Should be a winner. 

Note the red headband (this was after my first half)

 I can hardly wait to get home and lace up those shoes 🙂

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