Happy Thanksgiving!!

One more day till Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait 🙂

My parent’s are driving up to the Woodlands to spend Thanksgiving with the Crabbe family. This is the first meeting; it should be very interesting. Hopefully my dad will be able to control himself during the Aggie football game and won’t yell a variety of profanities. Yikes.

Also coming to Thanksgiving are four dogs: Lizzie, Polly, Bentley, and Duke. I can’t even imagine the madness that will ensue.  Last year Lizzie gained 5 pounds during the holidays because she stayed with my parents for a few weeks. She went from a skinny 17 pounds to a very healthy 22 pounds.  She is back to around 20 now, but I imagine this year will pack a few extra pounds on her as well.

The menu is actually pretty exciting. In lieu of a traditional turkey, we are having turkey breasts, and a variety of other meats including prime rib, chicken, and who knows what else. There will be all the standard sides though. Wes and I are going to attempt to brine some of the turkey breasts as well, and I’m going to try and recreate my mom’s stuffing. I know everyone says this about their mom’s stuffing, but I swear hers is the best. I think about it all year.  I only get to eat it on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the buildup is huge.  Hopefully I can recreate her “recipe.”  It is always so hard to recreate anything she makes though since pretty much everything is done to taste. 

I made the super yummy maple pecan bars found here. I’ve already made these things twice. They are absolutely to die for.  I don’t really follow the measurements in the recipe; it’s really more of a pour of maple syrup for a couple seconds, followed by a splash of vanilla. And my brown sugar measurement is always a little heavy. 🙂 They have always come out amazing though, so I am deeming them full proof.  My office raved about them. 

So, I’m thinking I might take part in “Black Friday” this year.  I have a few items I would like to cross off my Christmas list, and I think they are the kind of items that will be on sale.  I haven’t really done that black Friday thing before, or at least for very long.  It will definitely be interesting. Hopefully I come out with a few items!

Oh and my building at work started decorating for the holidays. Here is what I get to walk into every day.

Spooky Santa

And with that, have a very Happy Thanksgiving. And let’s go Aggies!

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