Happy Veteran’s Day! A big thank you to all of the people serving and who have served. 

Today at lunch, I decided to take the puppies on a little run. I took them separately since Shelly (my new foster) is a handful on the leash.  It is surprising how hot it still is in Dallas. Lizzie was seriously panting after one lap around the park, which is about half a mile. She is definitely not the endurance athlete she used to be 🙂 

Anyway, while running today, I noticed two ladies who were walking around the park exercising, but also smoking.  I know this might sound rude, and I understand that they have the same rights to the park that I do, but why in the world would you smoke while exercising? This makes zero sense to me.  I already find it rude enough that people smoke while walking on a running trail. People have to run by you and breathe in all that smoky air.  The park is huge, go to a place where people aren’t running.  But aren’t you possibly negating the health benefits of a lunchtime walk by smoking the whole time? Maybe I am missing something here. 

Ok, rant over, just had to get that out there.

On a happy note, I began my Christmas shopping today. I bought items for both my mom and dad, and pretty much know what I am getting for everyone else on my list. This is very unusual for me since I am a big time last minute shopper.  Most of the items I have purchased so far have been ordered online, so my goal is to get them wrapped up as soon as they are delivered. This will save me some serious time over my Christmas break. I usually have to lock myself in a room for several hours and wrap up all of the gifts I have purchased. I will still have to do that for the gifts my dad purchases for my mom, but not having to do mine at the same time will save many precious hours. 

I also am going to start trying to plan out my holiday baking.  Cake pops are something I have wanted to make for a while; they are super simple and always look adorable. So, hopefully I will be able to whip up a few batches of those to give away and to bring up to the office.  Paige also gave me a fabulous Southern Living holiday edition cookbook that I can’t wait to make a few things out of.  Hooray for holiday season!

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