Off to the farm…

This weekend a group of close friends and I are heading out to Indiana/Illinois border to spend time at a family farm.  Yes, it is going to be near freezing. I just checked and the temperature for tonight is 22 degrees.  Eek!

I have packed nothing but tights, leggings, long sleeve shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts, and cannot wait to lounge around in those all weekend. Everyone had high hopes of going out and playing in the woods, but I imagine I will stay holed up inside the house all weekend. I mean someone has to cook for these people right?? 

I am thinking about making mushroom chili since that has been a hit with both Wes and Michael. And even my dad who would never dream of eating chili with no meat in it said he enjoyed it.  My dad is the type of man who doesn’t take well to any new or odd foods in the things he eats. He will tell you he is open to it, but that isn’t true.  He secretly thinks you’re weird for trying to make things with different ingredients.  That is why one of my favorite things is to try and trick him into eating new things. If you can disguise something to make it look like its more “normal” counterpart, he never knows the difference.  I guess he is kind of like a child that way.

Speaking of children, within the next week I am doing some volunteer work involving children.  The group of people I am working with is in charge of putting on a “health week.”  The group has been divided into four different groups, meal prep, crafts, exercise, and food. I am in the food group and am pretty excited about it.  So far my team has come up with some really fun ideas to help educate the children and their parents on nutrition.  We are going to set up several different booths so people can kind of come and go. The ideas for the booth thus far are a swaps booth, healthy snack booth, and then maybe a trivia booth.

The swaps booth will be taste testing two different types of similar things, ie mashed potatos vs mashed cauliflower. Or spaghetti squash vs regular spaghetti.  Things of that nature.  The healthy snack booth will be a way to get kids involved in making snacks that are fast and healthy. Ideas for this are things like breakfast cookies, smoothies, and homemade granola bars.  And the trivia booth will just be fun facts about healthy foods.  We have just started brainstorming, so I’m sure we will come up with some more ideas.  I am pretty excited about it though. 

I also just made mashed cauliflower for the first time last week.  I really liked how it turned out. It definitely still has the comfort appeal that mashed potatoes have, but it was just a bit healthier.  Here is what I did (and it is super simple)

1 head cauliflower
2 red potatoes
1 ounce low fat cream cheese
1/2 cup milk
1 tbsp yogurt butter
Garlic salt

Boil your cauliflower and red potatoes until tender. Once tender, drain the water. Add in the rest of the ingredients and mash until desired consistency.  Delicious! I am including a picture, but this did not photograph well at all.
Have a great weekend!

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