The yummiest ribs ever.

Good morning all! Happy Friday!

My day had a great kick-off with a fun phone call to one of my very dear best friends Ali.  She had very interesting news for me, which always makes for a fun morning.  And it’s Friday, so that always makes the morning a little bit better.  I am going to be extremely busy this weekend doing my project for Junior League. I think I have mentioned before, but I am volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house all weekend working on the conclusion of their health week. I couldn’t be more excited about being a part of this.  My “food” group worked very hard on Tuesday and came up with some healthy, but still yummy, recipes.  I can’t wait to make some of them for people to sample. 

But, on to these ribs.  They are absolutely amazing. As a once a week meat eater, I think I could happily choose these to be my red meat of choice for the rest of my life. 

Sidenote: Back in May, I made a slight lifestyle change and decided to follow more of a pescetarian diet.  I honestly hadn’t noticed any difference in my body, but when I went to the doctor a month or so ago, I was told my blood pressure was extremely low… were talking 100 over 42 here. Apparently lack of protein and marathon training have really changed the inner functioning of my body.  I’ve been very diligent in calorie replacement to make sure I don’t lose any weight while training, but I haven’t been paying nearly enough attention to my protein intake. Eating (no hormone, organic, grass fed, free range) meat once a week seems to be the easiest way to get the additional protein I need.

Truth: I have only cooked ribs one other time in my life. It was in a college, and was my mother’s recipe for baby back ribs. They turned out good, but not nearly as good as hers. So, ribs have been on the backburner for the last 5 years or so.  For Wes’ birthday, I knew I wanted to make him a really memorable delicious meal.  After visiting the ever so trusty Pioneer Woman website, I found a recipe for braised short ribs with polenta.  I decided to give it a go. And here is how the end product turned out:

I pretty much followed her recipe to a tee, which can be found here.  The cooktime on my ribs was probably only 1.5 hours, but they came out fall off the bone tender.  Wes raved about this meal… absolutely loved it.  I gave him the option of either sharing the meal with his brother Michael, or saving the rest for himself.  Being the sweetheart that he is, he decided to share it with his brother.  He was a big fan of this meal as well.  Such a big fan that we are making it our Friday night dinner tonight.  The plan so far is to keep the preparation basically the same, but maybe throw in some additional spices. We are also going to bake polenta tonight instead of making goat cheese polenta.  I must say that the goat cheese polenta was delicious though.

And remember that post I did about stuffed acorn squash? Well this was the “gravy” I used in that meal.  I simply strained out some of the vegetables from the broth, added a little flour and water, and it was all set. Delicious. SO incredibly delicious.  Please try it! You will not be sorry; whoever you are cooking for will worship you. 

And with that, have a wonderful weekend!

Short Ribs on FoodistaShort Ribs

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