Christmas dinner party

I’m hosting my very first Christmas dinner party in my new house tonight.  The snowfall splendor pattern that I wrote so passionately about here two years ago will finally get to be used.  I can hardly wait.  And I will have lots of pictures to show of my table.  But first, here is one of my first Christmas tree! My parents, Wes, and I all picked it out Saturday night. I finally got it decorated and I love it!

Anyway, back to dinner, on the menu is a caramelized onion and pecan tart and a brie pesto pasta dish.  Both ideas came from my Junior League Dallas cookbook, but are being slightly modified.  The tart called for gorgonzola cheese, which I really just detest, so I am mixing it up a bit.  I also made some super cute thumbprint cookies to have as dessert.  The guests are all bringing along little things to go with dinner so it will be a big buffet.

Originally I had planned to do eggplant parmesan, but changed my mind yesterday.  I already had so many of the ingredients for the other two items, and the eggplant really did take quite a bit of work. It would be best to make that on a night where you have several hours scheduled to prepping the main dish.  Tonight is already going to be hectic because my mom and dad are swinging by at some point.  They are going to help me pick up a chair I purchased at West Elm a few days ago.  So, these other two dishes just seemed easier, and I could do a lot of work the night before (ie make the pesto and the tart shell).  Hopefully everything turns out yummy. Fingers crossed!

If the food doesn’t turn out so hot, I have lots of wine and eggnog to cheer everyone up. And we are having an ornament exchange, so it should all end up just fine. 🙂

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