Hello! I’m Howard

Adopt me!!

This is Howard.  He is currently staying with me, but will be changing fosters at the end of the week since I am going to be on Christmas vacation.  Howard is about 7 weeks old. He was dumped out of a truck last week and brought to VCA Animal Clinic off of Lovers Lane.  The people there were so kind and sent Howard “home” with 5 different toys, a bunch of food, and a puppy advice kit.  I have all of this saved up for Howard’s new parents, whomever they may be.

Howard looks to be a boxer/pittbull mix. He is as sweet as can be and loves to play.  He is still a little confused about life in general and is convinced that Bentley is his mother.  He has tried nursing off of her several times. Bentley is not cool with this. 

I think Howard is going to be a great little puppy. At 7 weeks old, he already has a bundle of personality.  He is quickly learning things like “no,” “stay,” and “bedtime.” And is working very hard on crate and potty training. Of course when you are 7 weeks old, you go to the bathroom every 30 seconds or so (kidding, more like 20 minutes), but he really does prefer to go outside.  Howard is learning the ins and outs of life at a very young age, so I think he will make a great first puppy for someone who is a little apprehensive about taking on the job.  He will have to stay the next 5 weeks or so in foster care, to make sure he gets all of his necessary shots, but will be able to go to his new home after that. For a very reasonable fee of $250, he will be neutered, microchipped, and have all of his shots.  Anyone who has had a dog knows that this is a bargain. I probably spent close to $1000 to get all of that done for Lizzie. 

Let me know if you are interested or would like to meet the little guy. He is absolutely darling.

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