My grown up Christmas list

Ever since I got my townhome in March, I’ve really noticed a change in the things I’ve lusted after. Before the house, Sephora was my downfall, as was the shoe department at Nordstroms. Now, my downfall has become places like West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and Z Gallerie.

I never knew I could want so many things.

Pillow covers, napkins, napkin rings, silverware, placemats, new rugs, new chairs, side tables, end tables, bookcases, mirrors, duvet covers, my list is endless. However I do have some self control, I lust over these things, but very rarely make a purchase. That was until this weekend. I brought home quite the haul from West Elm, including this awesome chair for my bedroom.

I have needed a chair in there where I can sit and read. Of course that would mean purchasing more books, but that’s a whole other story. And Lizzie has been begging for a place to curl up besides the bed.  She gets bored sleeping in the bed all the time and wanted to spice things up a bit.

Of course now that I have the chair, I am in need of this duvet cover, which has found itself a top place on my Christmas list…along with a few other things. My Christmas list is especially where I noticed the big change in my “wants.” My lists typically has cute clothing items, accessories, and other little things that I just didn’t want to buy for myself. This year my list has things like said duvet cover, immersion blender, crock pot, chair for the living room, handheld vacuum. It’s all very exciting. 🙂

I really don’t expect to get all of that, but a new duvet cover would really be nice. Hint Hint

On a sort of related note, my dinner party went well last night. I totally forgot to snap a picture of the food and of the snowfall splendor set, so I will have to get it out again very soon. My table looked so pretty! My mom gave my gold chargers from Target a few years ago and they looked wonderful with my tableware.  And the guests were fabulous. It was so fun to have the girls over. We had quite an array of food including my two dishes, the pesto pasta and pecan cranberry tart, as well as green bean casserole, salad, yummy bruschetta, all sorts of bread, and several desserts including tiramisu, shortbread cookies, and my raspberry thumbprint cookies.
The thumbprint cookies were easy peasy and were seriously the best sugar cookies I have ever made.  Here is the recipe I used: Sugar Cookies.  I added about 1/2 tsp more vanilla than called for, and also wanted to throw in some almond extract but couldn’t find my bottle. Make sure to really cream your butter and sugar. I let mine cream away in the kitchen aid for close to 6 minutes probably and I think that made a huge difference with the texture. And, I made sure to roll the cookies into small balls and then rolled them in turbinado sugar for an added crunch. As soon as they come out of the oven (take them out after 8 minutes, trust me!!), press your (clean) thumb down into the middle of them, and drop in some raspberry jam. Or chocolate, caramel, really anything that sounds yummy to you.
I think it would be really easy to make these into Christmas cookies also, just let the dough sit in the fridge for a while. I imagine it would roll out beautifully. In fact, the boys are having a Christmas party tomorrow, so I might give it a try for tomorrow night. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Raspberries on Foodista

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