Best friends forever and ever

Meet Bentley.  She is Michael’s dog and also happens to be one of Lizzie’s best friends in the whole world.  In Lizzie’s mind, everything Bentley does is gold.  She is her role model and mentor. Although Bentley didn’t necessarily sign up for this role, Lizzie has latched on and isn’t letting go.

Here are the two girls lounging at the pool at Wes’ parents house last fall.  While Bentley doesn’t share Lizzie’s love for swimming circle upon circle in the pool, she does wholeheartedly share Lizzie’s love for sun bathing.  Bentley will sunbathe for hours, regardless of how hot it is. 

Aren’t they sweet?
I haven’t broken the news to Lizzie yet that Bentley may be moving to California in March.  I just can’t bring that kind of heartache to my darling little girl.  Once that happens, I might seriously have to start looking for dog number two.  Lizzie has proven that she does enjoy having another dog around to scheme with, and more importantly, to make chase her around the house. 

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