He’s back….

We have officially had our first snow of 2011.  Yesterday it started snowing around noon and has actually stuck.  There isn’t that much of it, but it did manage to cover the fields outside of my house. I plan on taking Lizzie on a little adventure out there later on tonight.  She loves the snow.

After a very disappointing, but fun Cotton bowl, I spent the weekend Ikea shopping, baking, yoga-ing, entertaining puppies, watching movies and eating lots of pizza.  Mom, Wes, and I all went up to Ikea Saturday afternoon to find a large storage item to put in my office. We ended up finding a wardrobe that will fit the bill.  The wardrobe is huge… literally. I am able to get inside of it, reach my arms straight up in the air, and still can’t touch the top of it. It will definitely take care of the majority of my storage issues.

I love my townhome, but that is one of the things I wish I had more of… built in storage upstairs, oh and natural light.  Many plants have faced their demise in my home over the last 9 months. Oops. 

Anyway, after Ikea, Howard came back! He has probably tripled in size since I had him at the end of December. He is the cutest little guy ever. Howard has been a little gentleman since returning back to my house. He didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Lizzie last stay, but he is being very sweet to her.  He especially likes chasing after her ears.  Lizzie is warming up to him. She typically doesn’t like it when dogs are nearly as cute as she is. Howard is giving her a real run for her money.  So far, Howard has spent the majority of his time napping and cuddling. He is very good at both of these. Every now and then he gets a real surge of energy, but it usually only lasts for about ten minutes.  He is great in his crate and is working very hard at potty training.

Howard, Lizzie, Wes and I spent all yesterday afternoon on the couch watching movies. It was too cold to go outside and do anything, so it made for the perfect movie watching weather.

And here he is!!  I promise he does get up and play every now and then, but Howard really just wanted to sleep yesterday.  With all those pillows and a dog bed, who could blame him?

Oh and one of Lizzie for good measure. She would be pretty angry if she knew I didn’t post any of her…
Think you would be a good home for Howard? Let me know!  I have lots of info on him and could arrange a meet and greet.

I made a yummy pot roast yesterday, complete with mashed potatos, gravy, and yorkshire puddings (aka popovers).  I’ll share the recipe I used and some pictures here over the next few days.  The yorkshire puddings turned out absolutely fabulous. Those guys can be a little temperamental, but are worth the effort if they turn out right. And they did. Yay!

Sticking with my meal planning, I have decided that I will also be making white bean chili and asiago orzo this week.  The orzo will probably happen on Tuesday or Wednesday; it all depends how much of the roast is left.  And I’ll round off the week with a warm batch of white bean chili.  Sounds like a yummy week to me. 

Happy Monday to all. Stay warm!!

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