Homemade naan!!

Tell me I’m not the only one who goes home on their lunch break and whips up a batch of dough for homemade naan? 

Oh wait, I am? 

Perhaps I am in the wrong profession.

Following the recipe found on Tasty Kitchen here, to a tee, I made my naan dough at lunch today. It is now at home, hopefully doing its thing (aka… rising), while I finish off my day at work.

Wes and I are making homemade Indian food tonight.  We are going to try and make Chicken Masala.  I have found several recipe online that we are loosely using to create the dish.  In the last year or so, I have discovered that I really like Americanized Indian food.  I say “Americanized” because I haven’t ever been to India or experienced authentic Indian cuisine, so I’m assuming what I get served here at Roti Grill is sort of like the “tex-mex” equivalent of Indian food.

However, I will say that I left my heart in San Francisco at a fabulous restaurant called Dosa. I still dream about it. I would love to have a Dosa around the corner from me here in Dallas. Unfortunately that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so Roti Grill it is.

Or maybe I should say homemade Indian food it is.  I’ll let you know after tonight.

On a completely different note, Howard may be getting adopted tomorrow.  This is a little bittersweet for me since I’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old. He is now over 4 months.  He is quite the little character and Lizzie has a blast playing with him.  But tomorrow I will be taking him on a home visit, and then will have to make the decision of whether he gets to stay with them, or come back with me.  I spoke to his potential new mother earlier today and she sounds very sweet, so hopefully this will be a perfect fit for Howard. I’m a little sad over this, but I know there are always more dogs that need a nice place to rest their head while they wait for the new family to come along.

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